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HTTP request and response framework. More...


class  QDjangoFastCgiServer
 The QDjangoFastCgiServer class represents a FastCGI server. More...
class  QDjangoHttpController
 The QDjangoHttpController class provides static methods for replying to HTTP requests. More...
class  QDjangoHttpRequest
 The QDjangoHttpRequest class represents an HTTP request. More...
class  QDjangoHttpResponse
 The QDjangoHttpResponse class represents an HTTP response. More...
class  QDjangoHttpServer
 The QDjangoHttpServer class represents an HTTP server. More...
class  QDjangoUrlResolver
 The QDjangoUrlResolver class maps incoming HTTP requests to handlers. More...


enum  QDjangoHttpResponse::HttpStatus {
  OK = 200, MovedPermanently = 301, Found = 302, NotModified = 304,
  BadRequest = 400, AuthorizationRequired = 401, Forbidden = 403, NotFound = 404,
  MethodNotAllowed = 405, InternalServerError = 500
 Enum representing well-known HTTP status codes.

Detailed Description

HTTP request and response framework.

QDjango's HTTP request and response framework enables you to write web web applications and deploy them as FastCGI applications or standalone HTTP servers.